Conversations with creatives.
Hoodzpah Design Co. is Amy and Jen Hood, twin sisters, design power houses, and they speak at most of the major design conferences. They design, brand, strategize, and create campaigns working with companies such as Google, Disney, Stella Artois, HotWheels, Tribecca Film Festival, Vox, Delta, Asics and more.

This episode is a conversation with Jess Levin - Founder and CEO of Carats and Cake, a company and site built to support top level performers in the wedding space which she’ll explain a bit more but I really loved this conversation.

This episode is a conversation with Aaron Anastasi - who’s new book The Voice of Your Dreams has just come out and hit Amazon’ top 100 best sellers within the first week of release.

Aaron is an author, an entrepreneur, actor, musician and a prominent success coach for clients in industry-leading roles, ranging from film directors to marine biologists to TEDx speakers.

Braedon Flynn, the founder of The Artist Report and high end destination wedding photographer spoke at Connecting Things about the journey of being a freelancer.

Here are some topics covered in his talk:

Hustle - it's good but needs purpose. Being busy sucks.

How to price yourself as a freelancer

Creating value in your brand and business

Being selective with the jobs you take

Joshua Ariza is an Illustrator, Designer, and founder/CEO of Chomp Brand. Straight out of design school, Josh was moved across country to work for Billabong. And from there he was hired by Nike.
Josh left Nike to Freelance and in this interview, he talks about that jump, the struggles and path to success.
Dane Sanders is an author, speaker, business coach, and also runs an annual conference called The Go Summit. He's the host of an incredible podcast called Converge where he has conversations with top level performers, artists, and authors. You can find everything he offers over at the GoBe Collective.

Come and take a peak into the kitchen of Mama’s Sauce as it’s Founder, Nick Sambrato, walks through the company’s journey – the good and the bad. Lessons from years of growing a business responding to the national design community’s embracing of old-world printing tell a hard knock tale of how to meet opportunity with an extraordinary response.

September at Open House Creative in Costa Mesa, Noah Elias joined Connecting Things SoCal to talk about finding meaning and balance in both work and personal time. 

This month’s speaker at Connecting Things So Cal was Jason Quinn - Chef of one of the top Orange County restaurants, called Playground, in Santa Ana.

Sarah Armstrong, the graphic designer behind many of your favorite Orange County restaurants and coffee shops through her design company A Name Bran

Jennie Cotterill is an illustrator and badass. In this talk for Connecting Things So Cal, she encouraged us to reach out and get to know the people around us. Genuinely creating meaningful relationships with people can lead to the most amazing projects and opportunities.

May’s Connecting Things event went down at Wayfare co-working space in Costa Mesa and featured Jason Lankow, CEO of Visage and Cofounder of Column Five.