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10: What it Takes to Succeed with the Founders of SoundStripe

This podcast is an interview conversation with the founders of Soundstripe Music. Soundstripe is a subscription based music licensing site – which we talk about a little but this is more of the story of two entrepreneurs taking their backgrounds, and talents, seeing a gap in the industry and forming a company around that gap. […]


09: A Career You Never Need a Vacation From

This episode is a going to be a little different from the typical interview format – it’s a lecture giving by a buddy of ours, Michael Antonia at a conference we’ve been a part of the past couple years called Field Trip. If you’re a photographer, google Yeah Field Trip – and you should definitely […]


08: Success as a Freelancer with Hoodzpah Design Co

  Hoodzpah Design Co. is Amy and Jen Hood, twin sisters, design power houses, and they speak at most of the major design conferences. They design, brand, strategize, and create campaigns working with companies such as Google, Disney, Stella Artois, HotWheels, Tribecca Film Festival, Vox, Delta, Asics and more. In this interview Jen and Amy […]

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007: Habits and Success for Freelancers

This episode is a conversation with Jess Levin – Founder and CEO of Carats and Cake, a company and site built to support top level performers in the wedding space which she’ll explain a bit more but I really loved this conversation. We chat about the common struggles she’s witnessed within creative businesses, how she […]


006: How to Battle Your Limiting Voices

This episode is a conversation with Aaron Anastasi – who’s new book The Voice of Your Dreams has just come out and hit Amazon’ top 100 best sellers within the first week of release. Aaron is an author, an entrepreneur, actor, musician and a prominent success coach for clients in industry-leading roles, ranging from film […]


005: The Creative Process with Brian Morrow

Brian Morrow is one of the founders and leads of Shark Pig, a production company with a strong roster of directors, photographers, & designers. They make cool stuff. Brian and Braedon sit down to chat about creativity and becoming successful as a creative. Brian gives great insights and advice on how to be efficient, stay […]

What it takes to be Great

Episode 004 – What it Takes to be Great

In this episode of The Artist Report Podcast, we talk about what it takes to be great. There’s insight from Seth Godin, Steve Jobs, Ira Glass and a handful of others. You have to be different, you have to work hard, and it doesn’t happen over night. Closing the Gap – You have good taste […]

Balance of Work and Life

Episode 003: Balance of Work and Life

The balance between work and life is one of the trickiest to manage. Joel Beukelman runs a podcast called The Balance where he talks with creatives about that very subject.Joel is a creative himself. He’s a designer at Google, a small internet company you may have heard of and is on a constant quest to […]

Doug Boutwell Art and Business

Episode 002 : Doug Boutwell on Art and Business

Doug Boutwell is the founder and creator of Totally Rad Actions – a company that creates Photoshop and Lightroom actions to speed up the post production process for photographers. These actions have literally changed and created the looks of photographers. Doug talks photography, starting his company, starting an iPhone app PicTapGo and gives advice on […]


Episode 001: About The Artist Report Pocast

  Welcome to The Artist Report Podcast. It’s a place where we talk about the business of being a creative. What it takes to stay alive as an artist, as a designer, a photographer or whatever your creative space is. And this first episode explains a bit about what the Podcast portion of The Artist […]