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Kohl Crecelius - Know Who You Are

Connecting Things is a monthly get together of creators, entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, freelancers, agencies, artists and a lot of other fun people held at Wolf Camp Studios in Costa Mesa. At this week's meeting Kohl Crecelius, CEO and CoFounder of Krochet Kids Intl. spoke about the topic of Knowing Who You Are.

  • We're all a little crazy when we're on deadline, on a new project, running a group, ect. - how do we deal with our craziness?
  • What are rythms you build into your life or schedule that serve as reminders to who you are?
  • Gathering and forming relationships is crucially important
  • When we're going crazy, when we're head deep in a project, your community can help keep you on track.
  • What are your useful skills in tangible situations?

Kohl's talk was really great with some tangible take aways to think about after watching. Leave comments below about what stood out to you.

Here's a link to the TOAST story Kohl references in his talk. It's a good read.

Know Who You Are.

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